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His Music of Love

Music is a salve for the soul, a healing ointment for the hurt. Sometimes music can reach me when nothing else can. The rhythm gives my...

New Events Coming Soon!

Look for an Author Release party coming soon for Emily Grace and the What-Ifs. Details to come soon!

Successful Louisiana Book Festival!

Thanks to all of you who came out and visited with me at my table on Exhibitor's Row. Even though the weather forced us off the beaten...

I Am Enough

As I contemplate my upcoming milestone birthday, I look back on the years and think of all I have not done. And then I think of all that...

Last Goodbye?

I told a dear friend goodbye the other day as she lay in her bed in her private room with a big window in the nursing facility. Our eyes...

Brene' Brown is Blowing My Mind!

I went to and started reading. She was describing her "midlife unraveling", what other people would call a midlife...

Think About:

Fear can be a roadblock or a springboard. Choose.

The Birth of Emily Grace

Emily Grace was born a long, long time ago. With the help of a few encouraging people, she became a book. After ten long years of holding...

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